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Fast and Efficient Repairs for Your Toilet

There’s a reason your toilet is called the throne of your bathroom. It’s a quintessential part of your home, and it makes your life more comfortable and sanitary. When something is amiss with your toilet, there’s only one team to call. Majesty Plumbing is here to fix your throne!

Toilet problems interrupt your life. A leak can cause an unsanitary mess, and a poorly functioning toilet is simply too much of a hassle. We can quickly diagnose any issues with your toilet and explain the best options for repair. If repairs aren’t possible, we’ll help you find a new toilet for a replacement.

Don’t wait to address issues with your toilet! At Majesty Plumbing, we offer warranties and discounts. Call us for a free estimate. If you’ve got a leak, we’re here for emergency leak repair. We’ll get your throne back!

Address the Most Common Toilet Problems

Toilet problems can take many forms. There’s no cause for concern. At Majesty Plumbing, we are ready to handle them all. Consider these common toilet problems and learn about our fixes!

  • Constant running: If your toilet runs constantly, it usually indicates that a part is worn out. We can find the part and replace it to stop the running.
  • Leaks: A leak at the bottom of the toilet could be a cracked flange. If the flange is cracked, we can get it replaced to stop the leak.
  • Clogs: When your toilet won’t flush or drains slowly, you probably have a clog. You can try using a plunger, but if that doesn’t work, give us a call. We can address the clog before it causes flooding.
  • Hissing: If your toilet has been hissing, it’s not just an annoyance. It’s actually a sign that water is being used. It can cause almost 30 gallons of waste a day! Call us for a fast repair.
  • Leaky pipes: Sometimes, the leak happens in the pipes leading to the toilet. These pipes are usually in the wall. It’s important to address these leaks quickly. Start by turning off the valves behind the toilet to stop the flow of water. Then, call us!

At Majesty Plumbing, we have over 30 years of experience. We offer friendly customer service, and we’re equipped to work with all the best brands. You can trust our local team for reliable service in Queen Creek, AZ and all the surrounding areas.

Don’t put off your toilet repairs! Call us today at (480) 677-2221 or check out our financing page!

Brianna Le D

Jeff has been out to assist me twice now, and both times have been amazing! Quick and reliable.

Kitrina B

I called Majesty Plumbing because of a running toilet. Jeff was delightful to work with, very fast a... read more
Is Your Throne Damaged?

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Jeff with Majesty Plumbing was professional, on-time, patient, and knew what he was doing. We called him out to get a toy unclogged from our toilet that our daughter had flushed down it. He was not able to get the toy out but he then helped us pick out a new toilet, picked it up, and installed it. I highly recommend using Majesty Plumbing. We will be calling again in the future.

- Jessica R. via Google

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